Planet Ruskin started off as a small collection of three friends that put forward the
idea of a huge project. As time has passed two of them have respectively gone on to
different things leaving the brainchild Alex to continue the work in his vision.

Planet Ruskin has since recruited various friends to help with more hands on events like
expos. Here are the chronological history of profiles...

Alex Macieira (AJ)

Head, Artist, Writer, and original founder of Planet Ruskin.

Alex is currently the sole writer and artist for all projects by Planet Ruskin. Alex can usually be found drawing, playing Halo 4, listening to the Joe Rogan podcast or expressing severe anger towards most things wrong with the Planet.

Rich O'Donnell

Writer, and co founder of Planet Ruskin.

Rich for many years would collaborate with Alex to produce the storyline for 'The Zombies ate my Chilean' during issues 1 to 5. Known for being the man at the expos trying to convince many people that the Zombies story is based on 'actual events'. He has now moved on to spend his efforts full time with his band Karybdis.

Greg Nott

Inker at Planet Ruskin

Greg is the third member of the completed Planet Ruskin trio. Alex and Rich being the other two. Greg who is also an artist in his own right with stunning work to show, had worked on issues 1 and 2 of 'The Zombies ate my Chilean', and partly on issue 3. Greg has also moved on to work on becoming a Tattoo artist.

Greg still helps to support Planet Ruskin and still attends expos. Make sure you're around for the chance of a rare signature to add to your Issues 1-3! :D

Andy Hutton

Promoter and resident eccentric


Andy can usually be found helping to promote the work of Planet Ruskin by showing up at various Expos, and scaring small children in to buying comics! When away from the table Andy is usually found with cider or following expo girls wearing the least amount of cosplay clothing ;-) But on a more serious note, he is a friend who supports and believes in the work we create, so is around to help as much as possible

Thanks buddy! x


Viki Dobos

Assistance and Promoter

Viki attends expos to support Planet Ruskin Comics. But being Alex's girlfriend she is fantastically supportive and does a lot of work when not at expos to help keep everything moving forward!

Szeretlek Majom <3

Victor Mackenney

Resident mischief maker!

Victor is the actual Chilean star of 'The Zombies ate my Chilean'. Nicknamed Loki many many years ago for his erratic and mischievous behaviour, he has now decided to make life at Planet Ruskin more complicated by enforcing his presence at expos. We promise to keep him on a lead at all times, and allow him to sign any books for another chance of a rare signature to add to your collection.