Recommended point and click game.

Those who know me are aware of fanship of gaming. One of the biggest gaming highlights of my life was during the era of point and click. Predominantly the Lucas Arts titles. Many people who have played these games tend to lean towards Sam and Max, and Day of the Tentacle. I'd say my personal favorites were the Monkey Island series and Full Throttle. But whatever way you look at it, they were ALL awesome.

With the time I dedicate to gaming these days I've become highly selective. Games I try to seek out are usually challenging, atmospheric, compelling, tactical, with the ability to draw you into its world. Graphics are never at the top of the table providing the style suits the game. For example, Another World managed this on the Amiga with a very minimal colour palette.

 So when I was hunting the Android app store the other day, I was on the hunt for a point a click game that gave me the kind of immersive world that the Lucas games used to provide. Something a little pixely (if that's a real word), and something immersive, potentially spooky. Turns out something exactly like this happened to be listed. The Last Door.

The game has 2 seasons and eight episodes. So so far that's 4 episodes per season. As I write this I'm currently on episode 3 of the first 4. With it's interactive opening sequences that set each episode up before the credit based opening title sequence, the game feels very much like a supernatural drama or movie.

After the title sequence the game starts with the mysterious death of a friend named Anthony Beechworth. You play Jeremiah Devitt, a gentleman that goes on a journey to uncover and remember the events that date back to the days of when he attended boarding school with his friend Anthony. Without having completed all of episode 3 and none of 4, I can't give you the complete review, and to be honest I wouldn't want to as I feel any more information only becomes a spoiler. But what the game succeeds in, is sucking you into it's low res pixel plot and world. I tend to play it just before bed with the lights off and sound up to give it as much eeriness as possible. 


The game is very psychological and requires you to have a sharp eye, and to pay attention. But at the same time doesn't feel that it's pushing an unfair difficulty. Sometimes I feel the game could have inspired by the Hammer Horror movies. It manages to build a 19th century version of England that falls directly into that cinematic category. 

If you like point and click games and want something to pass the time that draws you into it's obscurity then this is a game to try. With the first episode being free to check out I highly recommend the download.

How to animate light

A great analysis of a film that I absolutely adore. I love watching stuff like this, as it reminds me of why I do what I do. Akira was one of the most influential movies of my childhood and always uplifts my passion every time I get to see it. This short video helps to explain one of the many reasons why.

Stunning Little Animation

Before the cross live action and animation of movies like Roger Rabbit was Alice's adventures. Which date as far back as 1923!

Insane to know how quickly people were willing to try, test and experiment with these types of effects while film was still in its very early state.